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Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States
I'm a 20 something Graduate student at the University of Montevallo. I taught 7th-12th Grade English as small, Christian school for 2 years before deciding to become certified in Secondary Language Arts. Join me as I journey from student to teacher!


Until Another Day...

I haven't really posted in a while because I've just been so busy. Graduate school
Work has picked way up, and I started
subbing full-time this week. That leaves me
with no free time because we still dedicate an hour to working out every night plus cooking. So, I'm a bit bogged down. Honestly,I don't see how you teachers ever find time to blog and create the amazing things you do. Hopefully I will get there one day.

One thing I wanted to say was that over 1 1/2 years ago I broke a serious Diet Coke addiction (and I'm talking probably 2 liters a day if not more) I drank the stuff like it would be gone tomorrow. But, I did break the habit. Yesterday, I subbed for a librarian. When I finally sat down in my car I thought "I would have to live on Diet Coke to do that everyday!" wow! So to the librarians out there, thank you!!

You may hear from me every now and then. Like every month for a currently. If I can ever get my freebies going, I'll even post those. Im currently working on a interactive white board lesson for "theme" that I'd love to share once finished.

But, until next time! Not bye for good, just bye for now.


A Prezi and a Recipe!

I have 10 followers! Should I do a give-away now?? Just kidding. I am excited about getting new followers though. I want to give a little background about me before hitting up the three things in my post title.

Teaching is something that sort of "fell" into my lap *gasp*. Most teachers I know or follow on blogs have *always* wanted to be a teacher. Weeelll..it didn't exactly happen that way for me.

I've always (always, ALWAYS) had a thing for English. It was my best (and fave) subject in school. AND I had one particular teacher who always told me I should be an English teacher (I laughed at her way back when).

In college, I pretty much did a Majors hop. I tried them all. Tried a couple of colleges. My first was a junior college (I was 17 and a new momma, I didn't plan to do too much), then I went to THE University of Alabama (We're 14 time National Champs in football, currently working on number 15 thankyouvermuch), then transferred to Virginia College to pursue a degree in Sonography, Ultrasound Technician. I. Hated. It...soooo back to the beautiful U of A I went and chose English as my major.

My mother said ENOUGH. YOU ARE STICKING WITH THIS ONE! My big plans? move to NYC or Boston and be a book editor. I still dream of this one day. THEN, I meet my now husband, Mr. I-Am-NEVER-Going-To-NYC. So, here I was with an English degree and no job. Then, 1 week before school starts I get a phone call from the high school I graduated from with this proposition, Would you like to teach English. I thought...heck, why not? I'm not doing anything else.

Fast forward 2 years later and I've left that wonderful job to pursue a Master's degree to be certified to teach in the public school setting. I never realized how much I would love and miss teaching till I wasn't doing it anymore. I cannot wait till I graduate (May 2014) and am back in the classroom.


Do you feel closer to me now? because I feel closer to you!

Anyway. So, on to my 3. I'll mix up the order and start with the recipe. I wanted to share with you what I eat practically everyday for breakfast. It's sort of a play on 3 different recipes. Muesli. Oats in a Jar. Power Granola (Body Beast recipe...can't give it away, sorry).

It's more of a "As you wish" type of recipe. I'll give you the combination, you make it your own...sorry, no pics because I made mine last night and didn't snap any!

Step 1: 1/4 to 1/2 cup dry oats
Dry oats or Uncle Sam Cereal

Step 2: 1/2 scoop protein powder
Any type, any flavor. I've used MuscleMilk in Smores, GNC in Choc. Caramel, Shakeology (didn't like it here), and Body By Vi (my favorite in here)

Step 3: 1 t. seeds
pumpkin, sunflower, flax, chia, etc.

Step 4: 1 T. nuts, chopped
almonds, walnut, pecan, sky's the limit

Step 4: 1/2 cup dairy
skim milk, almondmilk (this is what I use), nonfat plain Greek yogurt (will be thick), 1/2 almondmild + 1/2 yogurt (I also enjoy it this way)

Step 5: 1 serving fruit
blueberries (3/4 c.), strawberries (1 1/2 c WHOLE), mixed berries (3/4 c.), banana, apple, sky's the limit here

Step 6: Spices, optional
cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, apple pie spice

Mix all this together and enjoy! I mixed mine up last night, let it sit all night in the fridge and this is by far my favorite way to do it! It only takes a few minutes to make. I really love it with the spices in it, but that is totally optional. I hope you enjoy and sorry there isn't any pictures. I also don't have a calorie count. I'll work on that for next time.

Now, onto the Prezi. Our first assignment in my online class (Educational Technology) was to create a group presentation about Digital Citizenship. It had to be towards a certain grade, ours was 6th grade because we had a mix of elementary/secondary majors in our group, and had to cover certain topics. I'm linking it here for your use. Since we used the free version of Prezi, you can find it on their website, and you can edit it. I only ask that you please keep our names on the Prezi as we did do the work. If you want to edit it for flow, feel free. If you want to add information, feel free. I hope you enjoy! You can also move our names from each individual topic and put it last in one click!


Finally. I have a freebie I would like to share with everyone, but I don't know how. If someone would kindly tell me how to add it so you can download it from the blog, I would love that! Please help!!

Sorry this is a long post. But, I hope it has been worth it! Enjoy!



Okay, so this is my first currently from Farley! And what better month than October!

Listening: So, I'm home alone because my daughter is in school and the hubs is at work. That leaves just me and the silence. I never turn the TV on until hubs gets home for lunch.

Loving: October...why? you may ask? Why not!! My birthday was the 2nd (Happy belated to me!), my anniversary is the 30th (2 years--yay!!), and of course Halloween the 31st. Plus, the air finally starts cooling down, leaves start changing, and college football is in full swing. It is my far my favorite month...followed by November, then December. In that order. How nice!

Thinking: My module 2 test is due today and I need to look over the powerpoint review before taking it. I read through the chapters, but gracious it was a plethora of information. Luckily, one chapter covered Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Wanting: This links with October. I love the cool air, the fall smells (my house smells like hot apple cider--love candles), and all that goodness. But, the cool weather always makes me crave chicken 'n dumplings. Here in the South we do it right! We don't add veggies and make the biscuit style dumplings. Ours are nothing but chicken and strips of dumplings (flour + water)...yumm-0. Cracker Barrel makes some of the best...besides my Memaw, momma, and mother in-law (I just LOVE my mother-in-laws!)

Oh yeah! You know you want some of those!!

Finally...Book: So, apparently we're supposed to put a favorite fall book. Well, when I taught, I never had my books coincide with the season (I taught high school English). But, I absolutely LOVE Stellaluna to read to my daughter. I also have a slight bat obsession (with a tattoo to prove it), so it only seemed perfect.

Do you have a favorite fall book to teach if you're in secondary ed??

Get your Currently from


Blog change, Illustrator problems, and Grad school

So, it's quite a while since I posted! Graduate school has finally started full swing...and I'm only in one class, currently. Next week, I will start my 2nd class in addition to the online class.
We are doing a group project right now in a modified jigsaw style. We have to create a presentation for a target grade range (ours is 6th grade) about digital citizenship. For our group, I am the Educational Issues expert (other topics are Social Issues, Cultural/Equity Issues, and Legal/ethical Issues. I decided to go in the direction of "The Future of Technology in Education" for my portion. We're using Prezi, and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. The only fail=my video I chose doesn't work. I tried other videos to see if it was a general problem, but they work fine. It's just MINE! Grr..because it was the perfect video.
Videos aren't the only problems I'm having lately. I'm also having Illustator problems. I have been working on frames (I finally mastered them!), and other design features. I was even trying my hand at a character illustration. BUT, when I click "save" Illustrator tells me an unknown error has occurred. I looked it up and found a "solution"...I should say a MULTI-step solution. I'm so bummed out! Does anyone know of any other options for creating graphics? I have Fireworks and Photoshop, but I'm not familiar with them (I'm a little okay on Photoshop).
Finally, I've been thinking about changing the direction of my blog. I'm an education student, and when I graduate, I want to keep my blog up and going as a teacher blog, which is why I have it the way I do. However, I also want to blog about health and fitness. So, I was thinking of doing one of those combo blogs where I blog about school related stuff and health/fitness related stuff. What do you guys think? I thought about changing the name of the blog to "The Fit Teacher Reads" I would love to use the blog to post tips about exercise, clean eating, and so on. Maybe, when I get enough followers, begin a 90 day challenge where I post a new challenge each week for 3 months (it would be a total of 12 challenges) and have some sort of giveaway for those who participate (I'm thinking a Clean Eating Cookbook). Of course, that's in the far future unless by some miracle, my blog explodes with followers.
Before I go, check out the blog, Primary Possibilities.
If these ladies can reach 500 followers by tonight (midnight) they will post their "On the Back" activity for free. AND once they reach 500 followers, they're having a mega-giveaway!
Well, it's time for me to end my "brain break" and get back to school stuff! Actually...I'm finished with all my work this week. I'm truthfully about to read my latest YA book White Crow (Marcus Sedgewick). Happy and healthy reading, (see...I'm already including it. I think I like this idea) Kandi


Substitute License and ANOTHER Giveaway--go figure

So, today I will finish my last step till I become a sub in the Tuscaloosa County and City school systems. I have to have my TB test "read" and submit all my paperwork. Hopefully I can get an orientation date next week and be in the system. I need a J-O-B and this is what I want to do. I have already finished up my paperwork for the Bibb County system and now am just waiting...waiting...waiting for a phone call to sub. I'm excited to get my foot in the door and hopefully "network" around Tuscaloosa so when I do graduate, I'll have some contacts and my face will be known. Before I go, I need to blog about yet another awesome giveaway from Stacy at Leading and Reading. She's giving away: Your choice of two class sets (circus or owl...hello, I want the owl set!) and one item of choice from her TN store, Back to School Writing Pack from Crystal at
Write the Room Centers from Latoya at
Flying into First Grade
Your choice of Hollywood Star of the Week Pack or Explorer of the Week pack from Corinna at
Teaching Fabulous Firsties!
Awesome stuff. You should go check it out!
Leading and Reading
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Another blog giveaway

Another giveaway! I just love them, don't you? This time it's from one my favorite blogs to follow!

What you could get: 4 Winners will receive $30 worth of items from Christie's store 1 Winner will receive $30 worth of items from Christie's store, a $15 Target giftcard, and the most fabulous sharpener ever from Classroom Friendly Supplies. Sounds good to me! post signature


Blog Giveaway.

Who doesn't love blog giveaways?? Tonya over at Tonya's Treats for Teachers is having an awesome giveaway. 1st place wins their choice of a $50 gift card to Amazon, Target, TPT, etc. You should check it out.
As if that wasn't enough. Another blogger, Katie , from Rock & Teach is giving the following away: $5 Starbucks Giftcard $5 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Certificate $15 Target Giftcard Happy blogging! post signature