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Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States
I'm a 20 something Graduate student at the University of Montevallo. I taught 7th-12th Grade English as small, Christian school for 2 years before deciding to become certified in Secondary Language Arts. Join me as I journey from student to teacher!


Until Another Day...

I haven't really posted in a while because I've just been so busy. Graduate school
Work has picked way up, and I started
subbing full-time this week. That leaves me
with no free time because we still dedicate an hour to working out every night plus cooking. So, I'm a bit bogged down. Honestly,I don't see how you teachers ever find time to blog and create the amazing things you do. Hopefully I will get there one day.

One thing I wanted to say was that over 1 1/2 years ago I broke a serious Diet Coke addiction (and I'm talking probably 2 liters a day if not more) I drank the stuff like it would be gone tomorrow. But, I did break the habit. Yesterday, I subbed for a librarian. When I finally sat down in my car I thought "I would have to live on Diet Coke to do that everyday!" wow! So to the librarians out there, thank you!!

You may hear from me every now and then. Like every month for a currently. If I can ever get my freebies going, I'll even post those. Im currently working on a interactive white board lesson for "theme" that I'd love to share once finished.

But, until next time! Not bye for good, just bye for now.

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